Young & Associates have conducted business in 46 countries over 30+ years in a variety of business and government positions around the world. The majority of the company’s broad and global operating experience is in the U.S., Latin America, principally in Brazil and Asia, with notable experience in China, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, as well. J.D.Young has lived in and run successful businesses in Latin America and Asia for almost 20 years, and was responsible for businesses across three continents that achieved or exceeded financial operating targets while experiencing harsh business environments and forever-changing economies.

Business Expansion and Management focus of the firm provide Value Added services to its clients through concentration on operations, supply chain planning, sales and distribution, product development, sourcing and purchasing, financial analysis and planning, dealer planning and work-out (when necessary), manufacturing, consumer and trade finance, turn-key start-up, turnaround and restructuring and business strategy and plans.

International Business Operations and Expansion

Young & Associates is an International Management Consultancy of seasoned business executives and operating professionals that specialize in assisting middle-market and smaller size companies in organizing, establishing, expanding and diversifying their operations into New Markets and New Countries. Company size generally ranges from $25M to $500M USD.

International Business Development

We can assist you through:

  • International Sales and Distribution start-up by country and/or region
  • Develop Sourching and Supply Chain systems
  • Exports to a target country
  • Formation of a New Subsidiary in a target market
  • Acquisition of an Existing Business in a target country such as Bolt-On acquisitions for an existing business
  • Formation of Strategic Alliances and Development of Joint-Ventures
  • Formation of a Licensing arrangement
  • Development and Implementation of Master Franchise Agreements and Franchise Operations
  • Complete start-up of Operations

Support to Your Business or Organization

We can support your objectives with Turn-Key solutions as well as work with your staff in data gathering, analysis, business and scenario modeling, strategic planning and analysis, preliminary start-up and implementation of operations.

Professional Services

Complementing new business efforts, Young & Associates offer professional services to existing businesses and organizations that require:

  • Turnaround and Restructuring
  • Interim and Permanent management
  • Performance Improvement in financial and operational matters
  • Performance Improvement for investors
  • Due Diligence Planning
  • Government Relations

What we recommend and advise to our clients, we can implement. The outcome is a successfully executed plan, producing sustainable business results for your business or organization.

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